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Re: Which proccess using a tcp port?


> Is it possible to tell which proccess is using a tcp port of the box?

Sure, although probably not in the way you had in mind. AFAIK there is
currently no tool that lists open connections along with a list of
processes that created them. What you can do is use netstat to list
active connections, and then look up the well-known ports in /etc/services
to get an idea what's going on. I.e. on my box I had the problem that
some background task always opened an IP connection which caused a 
dialout. By this method I saw it was an NNTP connection. The only thing
active at that time that was remotely concerned with NNTP was innd. So
I stopped innd, and the problem went away. Turned out there was a
configuration problem on my side: I changed providers a while back,
but inn was configured to use the old machine as local server...

Apart from that you can also use strace to find out which ports are
opened by a particular program.

Thomas Baetzler, thb@regioservice.de, http://home.pages.de/~thb/

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