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Re: Re: laptop, ethernet and networking

About 10 minuttes after I send my mail concerning laptop, ethernet and networking I got the first respons (from Richard G. Roberto from Tokyo - which gives him a head start) (out around 10) and within half an hour and with a little help from the NET-2-HOWTO I was up and running.. (I confused network address and IP-address as pointed out by several). 

To the creators and maintainers of the pcmcia-package - it work just out of the
box - I only had to fill in in the /etc/pcmcia/network.opts...

Some of my colleagues were quite impressed - especially after I showed how to install and update packages using dpkg-ftp and I' pretty convinced this was not the last laptop (hopefully also desktops later on) the be used here...

This very quickly and concise reply has now turned me into a  a happy amateur -- the next thing is making automount work - but that a different story... 

Karsten Bolding

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