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Re: Please do not use Qt (fwd)

Martin Konold wrote:
> On 20 Nov 1996, Arnt Gulbrandsen (Troll) wrote:
> > As I said wrote earlier, the license doesn't limit distribution in any
> > way which is particularly relevant to CD distribution.  Quoting:
> >
> >       You may copy this version of the Qt toolkit provided that the
> >       entire archive is distributed unchanged and as a whole,
> >       including this notice.
> >
> > That's what applies to FTP archive administrators, and that's what
> > applies to CD vendors.
> Ok, I will forward this to the cdrom producers/Debian people.

Oh come on, who cares if you can distribute them on CD's,
when they can stop releasing any new versions under this
license any time they feel like it? Let's simply forget
about QT.
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