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Odd number of elements in hash list

 Whenever I do an ftp upgrade, I get th following errors:

Processing status file...
Odd number of elements in hash list at /usr/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/install line 75, <STATUS> chunk 8868.

Processing Package files...
[more errors like the first]

 There is an error after every status file, but dselect ftp's the
files and installs them fine, seemingly.

 Is there a way I can re-generate the status files?  Is that what
needs to happen?  What causes the message?  I think its a message
coming from the perl interpretter itself; am I right?

Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@teleport.com>
(K0D) AYG-GE01  Portland, OR, USA
:) Proudly running Linux 2.0.25 transname
and Debian GNU public software!

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