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Mouse problems for a new user

I am a new user of Debian, and am having trouble using a Microsoft mouse with X.

Hardware and software specifics are

Machine:        Mircon Millenium Pentium Pro, 200Mhz
Mouse:          Mircosoft PS/2 thing

Linux :         Debian release 1.1
X:              XFree86 3.2


I'm using the XFree86 setup program and just can't seem to get any response
from my mouse. I'll tried all combinations of mouse protocol and many
combinations of mouse port, but to no avail.

The mouse is plugged in and works under Windows NT on the same box.

I have seem similar questions in newsgroups, with two answers being offered.
Firstly there is a suggestion about not running a program called 'dmg' or
something ..well whatever this is I'm not running it.

Secondly, it has been suggested that I have not included support for PS/2
devices in my kernel .... if this is the case, then how can I rectify the

Any help gratefully received.


Chris Parkinson, BSE, PhuDge
Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
PO Box 999, Mail Stop K1-87
Richland, WA 99352, USA                                   ||
                                                       |  ||
Phone     : 509-375-2838                               |  ||  |
Email     : ci_parkinson@pnl.gov                        \_||  |
Web       : Withdrawn from Public viewing                 ||_/
Telepathy : 56.3 GHz                                      ||


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