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Re: Support for Page Scanners (ie. HP ScanJets)

[NOTE: I am sending this again because for some strange reason
 only part of this message was distributed by the debian-user list...]

On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, GREENE KENNETH ADAM wrote:

>    This is important, so any help is greatly appreciated (I am to 
> make a recommendation as to a complete system to handle Web pages, 
> E-Mail and networks for a small university, and If I can get their 
> ScanJet to work, I probably could sell them, They use Adobe 


The most interesting option for image acquisition with HP scanners under
Linux seems to be `XVScan', which is based on John Bradley's `xv'. You can
find information about XVScan at http://www.tummy.com/. It's not free,
but you can get it for $50US (it includes source code). I haven't used it
yet, but am planning to buy it (currently we only boot M$-DOS/windows when
there is a need to use the acquisition and OCR software which came with
our ScanJet 4c). 

If only there was a nice OCR package which could run under Linux...
(sometimes I "dream" of starting such a (free OCR) project myself, but... 
I am aware that there would be a LOT to learn before).  Let's hope HP 
(or some competitor) starts paying more attention to Microsoft-free 

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