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Re: IPFWADM and telnet

Adam Heath wrote:
|I current connect to the Internet with PPPD, and all works well.  I have
|compiled my kernel (2.0.24) with IP_MASQ enabled, and have verified that
|this works.  Here is my question.
|Can it be setup, so that when someone telnets into the Linux box, instead
|of the request being handled there, it is masqueraded to one of the private
|computers on the LAN?  I have a DOS-based BBS that I can setup to accept
|incoming telnet, but it won't work through DOSEMU.

Have a look at 'redir', which you can find at sunsite.unc.edu.

It will handle the following idea for you:

                                 |---------- LAN_machine_1
remote_machine-----------gateway-|---------- LAN_machine_2
                                 |---------- LAN_machine_3

 ^^^^^^                  ^^^^^^              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
telnet client to          redir                  several
 gateway                 program               telnet daemons

You can bind each port on your gateway to another, or the same, port on one
of your LAN-machines.

For example:   'telnet gateway 10001'
                 will cause a connection to your LAN_machine_1

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