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Re: X is painful

steve@myrddin.greenend.org.uk (Stephen Early)  wrote on 15.11.96 in <[🔎] m0vOCMv-0001m7C@myrddin.greenend.org.uk>:

> Creating a user interface under X that is as good as NextStep is just
> a matter of getting every X application author to agree to adhere to
> the same policy. I wish you luck.

Actually, this is a very good description of the problem.

And I agree with Bill. The situation we have sucks big rocks through  
straws. It sucks even more because it seems there is *no* way to solve  
this problem. (Maybe the FSU can do something. Well, I can dream, can't  

The designers of X made one *big* error. It's nice to be able to configure  
how the system looks. But the X window manager system doesn't actually do  
that, it only handles a very small part of the system (window decorations,  
window focus, and similar stuff). Had that interface only been richer ...

MfG Kai

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