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Re: PGP and MIME

Lars Wirzenius writes:
-> "linh (l.) dang":
-> > What should I put in my .mailcap to make pgp handle
-> > your "application/pgp-signature" as text. I use mailcrypt so I don't
-> > want rmime invoke anything for pgp stuffs.
-> I don't know understand .mailcap (I've never needed it), so I hope
-> someone else can help with this problem.

This is probably dependent on the program using it.  With metamail, it
strips the header part of the message part, and therefore doesn't
check the signature correctly.  I use the script below to reassemble
every thing, and call it as:

multipart/signed; showpgpmp %F

where "showpgpmp" is the name I give the script.


==== cut here ====

local($bodycont, , , ) = @ARGV;

$headers = "" . "H";

open(HEADERS, "< $headers");
while(<HEADERS>) {
    push(@bodylines, "$_\r\n");

push(@bodylines, "\r\n");

open(BODY, "< $body");
while(<BODY>) {
    push(@bodylines, "$_\r\n");

open(TMPFILE, "> /tmp/pgpmsg.$$");

foreach $i (0..0bodylines-1) {
    print TMPFILE "$bodylines[]"

$stat = system("pgp -m +batchmode=on +verbose=0  /tmp/pgpmsg.11640");
sleep 2;
system("less /tmp/pgpmsg.$$");

unlink "/tmp/pgpmsg.$$";
==== end ====
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