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X is painful

[no-longer CCed to debian-devel because this isn't a developer issue

Bill Bumgarner writes:
 > I have to vent.
 > I cannot believe that after HOW MANY years of development, X windows is  
 > still such a completely inconsistent and painful user interface.

Ah. The X Window System is not a user interface. It is a standard by
which applications can drive displays and input devices. It provides
mechanism, not policy.

It is possible to build very nice user interfaces on top of X. The
system used by secretaries where I work, for example, is built using
X. All of the applications in this system, including the window
manager, come from one vendor (Xerox in this case, I believe).

 > Maybe I'm just spoiled by years of NEXTSTEP-- but, damnit, NEXTSTEP really  
 > is the most well-inntegrated user inrface *ever* built.  Seriously.

NextStep provides policy as well as mechanism. I agree, it is
extremely nice.

Creating a user interface under X that is as good as NextStep is just
a matter of getting every X application author to agree to adhere to
the same policy. I wish you luck.

Steve Early

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