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Re: X11 bashing

Martin Konold writes:
->    !! There is a solution up and coming !!
-> Have look at the kde project.

[ Stuff snipped ]

I strongly doubt that KDE has the momentum to succeed. It's based on
Qt, which is a proprietary standard.  Granted the implementation is
delivered 'free for noncommercial use', but I don't see that as a
significant difference.  It's still a proprietary toolkit, which will
keep the GNU crowd disinterested, as well as making it inappropriate
for Debian proper.

So, you replace an 'open', well known API with a proprietary
implementation (and the rapidly developing lesstif) with a
proprietary, unknown API with an open distribution model.  Not a
significant win in my eyes.

Perhaps a more well-guided effort would be to assist the lesstif
project, and build a free CDE workalike based on lesstif.  The
advantage here is that you get to keep the more well-known, standard
Motif API, which will breed developer familiarity (as well as being
able to build on already avaliable free Motif software), and end up
with a truly free, unencumbered desktop.

KDE is a nice effort, granted.  I'm sure the people involved have put
a good amount of work into it. However, due to the restrictions on Qt,
the basis for KDE, I have serious doubts about any momentum KDE will
gain, and don't think it's appropriate as part of Debian proper.

Just my $.02


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