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Re: X11 bashing

Hi there,

This message was definetelly not appropriate for
I even do not know if it is for debian-user@lists.debian.org.
Is there still a debian-talk list?

> I cannot believe that after HOW MANY years of development, X windows is  
> still such a completely inconsistent and painful user interface.

This is a true problem which last from the fact that X11 is seperated
from the stadart toolkit Motif (which is payware)

> The STUPIDITY of the whole thing is frustrating.

Yes this is also true. There is no orthogonal user interface.

> Text fields between applications do not work the same.  One is not  
> guranteed to be able to copy/paste text between fields.  Some fields must  
> have the mouse pointer within them during the editing process, some don't.

This is due to different toolkits.

> There is no inter-application communication or awareness to speak of.

This can be handled via sockets,fifos,ipc...

[lot of stuff about deficiencies of X11 based desktops]

   !! There is a solution up and coming !!

Have look at the kde project.

You will find kde mirrors at the following locations:
 ftp://fiwi02.wiwi.uni-tuebingen.de/pub/kde/  <-- primary site
WWW info can be found at:
There is a nice screenshot of an already working kde (kool desktop

We already do have:
 kcalc     a nifty kde calculator with hex, dec, oct, bin
 kclock    a simple analog kde clock
 kfm	   the kde filemanager (also handles URLs and tar)
 kmines    a kde minesweeper clone
 kpat      a kde solitaer clone
 colia     a kde draw program which shall replace xfig/tgif
 kMix      a kde mixer for your soundcard
 kterm     a kde replacement for xterm
 libkde    a configuration class library
 kpopup    a kde extension to Qt
 progress  a kde extension to Qt
 kwm       a kde windows manager
 acli      a little command line interface 

Soon to come

 kLyX      a kde version of the famous WYSIWYM LaTeX based textprocessor
 ktetris   a kde version of tetris (we've been all waiting for :-))

-- martin

BTW: Who wants to write a dpkg based installer for kde.

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// Email: konold@tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de              // 
       Linux - because reboots are for hardware upgrades 
       -- Edwin Huffstutler <ehuff@sedona.intel.com> -- 

   Just go ahead and write your own multitasking multiuser os !
                 Worked for me all the times.
                     -- Linus Torvalds --

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