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Re: Support for Page Scanners (ie. HP ScanJets)

"GREENE" == GREENE KENNETH ADAM <f9u3h@acad1.csd.unbsj.ca> writes:

GREENE> This is important, so any help is greatly appreciated (I am
GREENE> to make a recommendation as to a complete system to handle Web
GREENE> pages, E-Mail and networks for a small university, and If I
GREENE> can get their ScanJet to work, I probably could sell them,

The HP ScanJet is supported -- just install hpscanpbm, in the graphics
section.  The ScanJet needs to be connected to a SCSI card supported
by Linux.  I've had good results with the 4p using Adaptec 2940 and
Buslogic 946C adapters.

Be sure to get the latest version (0.3a-3) -- it includes the manpage
I just wrote.  If you have any problem, please let me know.

GREENE> They use Adobe Photoshop, and I think the GIMP could fill that
GREENE> need).  Anyways, I need to know, I haven't actually dug into
GREENE> Linux yet.

We create web pages for over 100 member libraries here using Linux,
using imagemagick, xv, the gimp, perl, emacs, Apache, and of course
Netscape Gold 3.01b1 for XWindows95.  (Well, fvwm95 2.0.42a-6 anyway.)
The system runs with nine 1280x1024 virtual screens, and is therefore
far more productive, I think, than a similar Windows 95 system would

But I still have to boot the Win 95 partition occasionally to do OCR


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