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Re: X11 bashing

> > I cannot believe that after HOW MANY years of development, X windows is  
> > still such a completely inconsistent and painful user interface.
> This is a true problem which last from the fact that X11 is seperated
> from the stadart toolkit Motif (which is payware)

Well, you have to understand that, when MIT started developing X, the
intention was to provide, in their words, "Mechanism, not policy". Basically,
this means that they wanted to provide a GUI environment without imposing
any particular GUI conventions on it. It was completely open.

It would be up to other entities (and market forces) to provide particular
GUI styles (like Motif or OpenView) that would be popular.

Unfortunately, until the advent of Motif and others, programming would be
difficult for an X programmer because they can't really tell the system to
draw a button, since, without a GUI convention in place, there's no solid
definition of what a button *looks like*. I'm sure it's not quite that 
bad... but it's close.

What's worse is, once Motif came out, it cost money... which, understandably,
adversely affected it's aspirations of being ubiquitous (Man! I'm talking
like Don King, now...).

> > There is no inter-application communication or awareness to speak of.

Yeah, you don't normally see this is software that's free..... be it for
X or Win95....


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