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Re: Probs with g++ and cout

> jrathert@lucy.mi.uni-koeln.de (Jonas Rathert) writes:
> >   since updating to "rex" I've got some problems with C++.
> >             libg++27:  2.7.1-3
> You need to update to libg++27, which right now is only in
> unstable, or bo.  But I will move it to frozen, or rex right now, so
> it'll be in mirrors in another day or two.  You can get it from bo in
> the meantime.

Yes, that's right. libg++27_2.7.2.1-1 fixes _this_ -- but yesterday,
I ran into another problem:

   #include <iostream.h>
   #include <strstream.h>
   void main(){
     double d=2.71828;
     char s[]="3.141593";
     strstream str(s,sizeof(s));
     cout<<"in str it says:"<<d<<endl;

This outputs e, not pi! (that's with the new libg++ and libc. with
the old libc-5.2.18 and old libg++, it's ok, but with libc-5.4.18
and libg++ new, it doesn't cout at all of cource).

I really would like to fix this, but I don't know how (I just
turned libg++ maintainer, that's why).

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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