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Zgv (was Re: svgalib)

"Lord Of The CLUTZ's" writes:
-> Back when I was running slackware I had a program that used svgalib
-> to view graphics, it was zgv... I got it off of sunsite... and now
-> that I run debian it doesn't want to work... and I grabed the
-> source and tryed to recompile it ... and it didn't compile... so I
-> was wondering if there was a program off of a debian server some
-> where that I could grab and have do the same thing... 

zgv is available as a Debian package (Or will be in the soon-to-arrive
1.2 release).  It requires some rex packages, which is not an official
release until the beginning of next month. So, you can be brave and
upgrade when Bruce calls for beta testers, or wait til 1.2 is
officially released, if it's not urgent, or you can mail me privately,
and I can point you to the relatively small changes I had to make to
the actual source to get it to work.


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