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Setting my souncd card

I am new to Debian and I would like to thank evryone for your previous
responses when I had a problem with installing Debian. I now would like
to use my sound card. auplay can use it but I cannot do something like cat
somefile > /dev/dsp. It always complain about being busy. The irq is at

I added a command something like append="sound=0x2220a1" to my
/etc/lilo.conf  file but it does not make a difference. I think the sound
card is not detected on statrt-up. I read the howtos and they did not help
me find the solution. When I run "lilo -q" it comes up with response
	Linux *
I do not know what that means? Any help will be appreciated.

D.J. Mashao,                         mashaodj@sunserver.engin.brown.edu, 

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