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Re: PPP setup ...

On Wed, 13 Nov 1996 22:53:14 PST Kevin Scott (kscott@vhf.nano.bc.ca) 

>         With Slackware or Red Hat there are some files that don't appear in my
> setup, has something been missed??? These files are rc.inet1 and rc.inet2 as
> well as rc.serial. Is my system different or am I looking for the wrong files?

This has been superseded by a better scheme. Init scripts are held in /etc/init.d and /etc/rc.boot.
At startup, scripts in /etc/rc.boot are ran in the order specified by their filename.
Then, when entering a runlevel, all the scripts in /etc/rc<level>.d starting with K are run in the order of their filename, then all scripts starting with S.
There are no scripts in /etc/rc<level>.d, but just links to /etc/init.d. When the link name starts with K, it is invoked with the --stop argument. When it starts with S, it is invoked with a --start argument
So to add/change runlevel setups, one just has to add remove links from rc<level>.d.

This is a very bad explanation, but it gives you the overall scheme.


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