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Re: mgetty and ppp -> cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP ?

Well, it worked. I have tried to find the reason for a week now, and 2 hours 
after I write to ask it, I find that I do havea  proxyarp command in my 
ppp/options file. Sorry for the wasted bandwidth.


 I am trying to connect two linux machines together with ppp. I have 
> done this using vanilla getty and ppp started with login as special ppp-user, 
> which starts pppd as login shell. The calling machine is connected to the 
> internet, called machine has a small local ethernet network.
> At the moment I don't connect these two networks together, just these two 
> machines (ie. no routing outside these two machines is done)
> Now I try to use mgetty and it's automatic /autoPPP/. I get the connection, 
> pppd:s start up, but I get this "cannot determine ethernet address for proxy 
> ARP" error message from pppd (in the called machine). Netstat (and route) 
> shows, that the single route to the calling machine is through ppp device. But 
> all the ip-packets get lost.
> And do am I. Any (non)trivial things, that I simply don't understand ?

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