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mgetty and ppp -> cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP ?

I am trying to connect two linux machines together with ppp. I have previously 
done this using vanilla getty and ppp started with login as special ppp-user, 
which starts pppd as login shell. The calling machine is connected to the 
internet, called machine has a small local ethernet network.
At the moment I don't connect these two networks together, just these two 
machines (ie. no routing outside these two machines is done)

Now I try to use mgetty and it's automatic /autoPPP/. I get the connection, 
pppd:s start up, but I get this "cannot determine ethernet address for proxy 
ARP" error message from pppd (in the called machine). Netstat (and route) 
shows, that the single route to the calling machine is through ppp device. But 
all the ip-packets get lost.

And do am I. Any (non)trivial things, that I simply don't understand ?


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