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Re: Is `.deb' still better than `.rpm'?

Thanks to all those who responded (I posted the original question).

Bruce Perens writes:
 > Several. We support pre-dependencies, which make upgrades a good deal
 > more foolproof, as well as regular dependencies. Debian packages are
 > easier to build (especially now with "debmake", it's practically
 > automatic). We have automatic conversion of Red Hat and Slackware
 > packages to Debian packages.

This answers my question.  Thanks.

 > I think the Debian packaging back-end (dpkg) is _finished_ software.
 > It could have some small changes made to it, but it does what we need
 > it to do. The _front_end_ (dselect) is the part that should be
 > compared to other distributions, and the part that needs improvement.

A la GLINT, I suppose, though I've never seen it.  I think it would be
fun to work on something like this.  Maybe Debian could just use GLINT
and massage the backend (and add stuff for the additional Debian
package features).

 > > Hmmm - isn't it true that there's work at the moment towards giving
 > > Debian the ability to use RedHat packages?
 > It works now. Download the latest "debmake" package and run "man alien".

I need to do this.  Time time time where does it go.

Thanks again for the discussion.

Kevin K. Lewis               | My opinions may be unreasonable
lewikk@aud.alcatel.com       | but such is the voice of inspiration

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