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Re: XF86 3.1.2 Memory hunger

Jean Orloff wrote:

> I noticed my X server (XFree86 3.1.2) started getting larger and larger (was
> 21Mb fat, with over 7Mb resident before I killed it....). X grows faster the
> more fat windows I have (netscape, vrweb-mesa, ghostview...) which is maybe
> normal, but it sometimes doesn't shrink when I quit fat applications.  I needed

I noticed the same thing awhile ago. I thought it was the 24 vitual
desktops that I have in fvwm2 (seriously). Then I thought it was related
to doing a "restart fvwm2" after tweaking my menus. X would regularly
climb up to 18MB.

I was just about to buy more memory when I upgraded to the latest libc
5.4.7. Now, with the same config it hasn't gone above 10MB yet, but I
haven't done any serious testing. 

I do recall reading somewhere that a benefit of the newest libc is that
it can now give freed memory back to the system. I'm guessing that I'm
seeing this feature.


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