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XF86 3.1.2 Memory hunger

[Sorry, this is a repost, but the mail manager here went sick precisely at the
moment where answers could have come.]

I noticed my X server (XFree86 3.1.2) started getting larger and larger (was
21Mb fat, with over 7Mb resident before I killed it....). X grows faster the
more fat windows I have (netscape, vrweb-mesa, ghostview...) which is maybe
normal, but it sometimes doesn't shrink when I quit fat applications.  I needed
to kill and restart xdm (logging off was not enough...) to get it back to a
decent 5Mb/3Mb, but it grows again quite fast... (9Mb/6.5Mb right now, will I
be able to finish this message???).  I noticed this since I switched to 16
bytes per pixel mode, which my video card can amply accomodate.

1) Is this normal doctor? I remember reading about such problems on this list,
but the October archives are unavailable... The XF86 page makes no comment
about 3.2 solving this type of problems.

2) More generally, what influences the memory size of X? Is switching from
8->16 bpp a large factor? How about Fvwm? I noticed that xterminals with 4Mb
RAM could accomodate an X server with HP-Vue or MWM, but not Fvwm. Could fvwm
somehow "steal" memory from X, in order to stay small itself?

3) Maybe this all is not unrelated with certain anomalies I noticed lately: I
for instance found out that my cron process died, but have no clues how this
happened. Maybe it was just out of memory?

Any clues appreciated!


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