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Re: rpminstall not found in debmake 1.09

Lawrence Chim <ychim@yallara.cs.rmit.edu.au> writes:
> Warwick HARVEY wrote:
> > At some stage it had its name changed to "alien".  At some stage later, the
> > documentation was updated to reflect this change.  See if you have an
> > "alien" command in the package, and if not try a later version, if one has
> > made it to your local mirror site (Christoph seems to average several new
> > releases each day - I think he's up to 1.93 or so).
> > 
> when I tried, it displayed this error mesg.
> /usr/bin/alien: unexpected EOF while looking for `''
> /usr/bin/alien: command substitution: line 2: syntax error
> any hint.

Sorry, I've not actually used debmake yet (or its alien command), so I can't
really give you much more help here, other than, as before, suggesting you
try a later version (if you haven't already).  If the latest version you can
lay your hands on doesn't work, and you can't find any help in the
documentation, perhaps you can try emailing the author...


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