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Re: pppsetup


I've been semi working on something like this.  Its included as
an attachment.  It requires pretty much nothing other than base
and ppp, but it isn't a .deb file.  Anyone interested in testing
it, please drop this tar file in /usr/local and give it a whirl.
Currently, there are just a handful of files:

dacu (Dial Up Configuration Utility)
dacu.tut (tutorial for running the script)
tutorial.tut (top level tutorial file)
chat.tut (chat tutorial)
ppp_opts.tut (tutorial on ppp options included in the script)
navigation.tut (tutorial on navigating the script)

This is written in ash, so I gues that's required as well.  It'll
surely wirk under bash though, so if you need to, just change the
first line to read as follows:


Well, you get the idea.

Please let me know if this is useful.  I know it has many
shortcomings, but its brand spankin' new, so give me some time
and your suggestions.


Richard G. Roberto
011-81-3-3437-7967 - Tokyo, Japan

Attachment: pppconf.tar.gz
Description: ppp configuration utility (tar+gzipped)

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