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Interesting idea (was: Apache config error)

> I think I may have found why people are so unhappy with the new release of
> the Apache httpd: when it moves the directories,

I ran into this problem when I tried to upgrade, too. The upgrade moved the
log files from /var/log/apache-httpd to /var/log/apache. This caused my
custom /etc/cron.weekly/apache script to look in the wrong place when it
wanted to rotate the logs.... even after I downgraded to the stable apache.

So, I had an idea (as, I sometimes do)....

What if packages came with a script called "locations" that would be in
their directory in /etc. So, Apache would have a /etc/httpd/locations script.
Basically, this would read something like:

 export LOGS=/var/log/apache
 export DOCS=/var/web/webspace
 export CGI=/var/web/cgi-bin

This allows for some nice things. For example, if I wanted to rotate my logs
with /etc/cron.weekly/apache, I could just make the script something like so:

 . /etc/httpd/locations # Load ENV with location vars

 savelog "$LOGS/*"

Or something like that. Also, for some packages, it would be possible
to actually change where the programs are looking for and storing info
by changing the "locations" script. Now, this probably wouldn't be possible
with Apache since logfile and Document root locations are explicity in 
the config files. However, I think there *may* exist somewhere in this idea
the ability to avoid more configuration change hassles than it would create.

Any thoughts?

- Joe

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