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Re: Interesting idea (was: Apache config error)

CoB SysAdmin (Joe Emenaker) (jemenake@lab.busfac.calpoly.edu) wrote:

:  export LOGS=/var/log/apache
:  export DOCS=/var/web/webspace
:  export CGI=/var/web/cgi-bin

: the config files. However, I think there *may* exist somewhere in this idea
: the ability to avoid more configuration change hassles than it would create.

This is being worked on but with a slightly modified approach: using a
database instead of sourcing a file (sourcing only moves the original
problem to a new location).
And of course the idea of using environment variables instead of
"hardcoded" values in shell-scripts has several other advantages. 
There is already a mailinglist for discussing that issue which will be
announced RSN (end of the week or so).

The database is working and polished and the first public (ALPHA !)
version will be available RSN, too.


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