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Re: Reading news offline

>I have a dial-up connection to my ISP.
>I want to be able to read the usergroups offline.  I have downloaded suck,
>inn and inews and also trn.  After I have read their documentation and
>also the News-HOWTO, I still do not know how to do it.
>I can read news with trn and gnus, but only while I am connected to the ISP.
>I tried out suck.  It made contact with the ISP's NNTP-server and did
>nothing further but complaining about not finding a history-file.  When I
>use the -H (or is -h) option it stopped complaining but still did nothing.
>How can I download the newsgroups I want to subscribe and read them on my
>own system in my own time?  It was a straight forward thing when I used
>Windows (even without reading a single bit of documentation).  After a few
>hours of reading and experimenting in Linux, I had no success and I do not
>even know which road to travel.
>Thank you for your patience in the past.  I trust you will be patient with
>me this time also.
>Johann Spies.

sound like you need a special sofware to do it for you...
i heard that  the "leafnode" can do offline news reading...
but i didn't try it b4.... it is a include package from the dilinux distribution

good luck

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