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Re: Travan Tape Drive Problems

Hi Dan --
You said:
> On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Walter L. Preuninger II wrote:
> > The tapedrive is identified in win95 as a QIC3020.
> This is a SCSI tape drive.  (I've seen it ONCE as IDE although..)
> Open up your case, and see what cable its attached too... Only use FTAPE
> if its hooked up through the floppy drive cable. (Slow!)

Maybe there's more than one version of a QIC3020.  My understanding is that 
QIC3020's are not SCSI tapes, but are controlled by a very fast floppy 
disk controller.  The interface board from Exabyte provides the required 
performance if your on-motherboard system doesn't.  If you do not have 
a sufficiently fast fdc and you are not using the Eagle96 interface 
board, then you have to use 3010 tapes (which have half the capacity) 
and you will write data at about one-quarter of the speed you'd 
otherwise get.

Also, on Oct. 8, Bas Laarhoven wrote to comp.os.linux.hardware:
"Ftape-2.10 will be out R.S.N.
It supports QIC-3020 at 2 Mbps and the Exabyte Eagle drive..."

Susan Kleinmann

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