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Re: Problems installing Tex,Latex, etc.

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Richard G. Roberto wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm new to Tex and Latex and would like to install it to learn
> more about it.  However, after getting my machine configured, I
> tried to do an "ftp" install.  This worked for the most part,
> except for a few packages that were in the Packages file but not
> on ftp.debian.org or ftp.caldera.com.  What really bit the dust
> was texbin and latex.  First, texbin choked on its postinstall
> script.  I checked and it wasn't even doing anything!  It gave an
> error 139.  But when I ran it by hand, everything worked fine.
> So, I changed the post-inst to just echo "I did this by hand",
> and dpkg --configure texbin worked fine.  I'm not sure this was a
> good idea though.  
> The next thing to install was latex.  This started going fine,
> but quickly filled up my disk with the latex.log file.  This was
> growing larger than 400mb!  I had to CTL-C out of it.  I wound up
> uninstalling latex and all related components (dselect kicks
> ass).

Bad idea I think in fact... TeX needs all to be well configure...
Install the base font, the mf font, the mflib, etc... The only package I 
doesn't catch how to install is auctex... he always throw me an error in 
the installation script.

Good luck.

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