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Re: Moving files to a new partition. Please help.

Hi Adam, You wrote:
 Adam> My friend and I have installed debian, but he has not signed up
 Adam> to this list.
 Adam> He just got a new larger hard drive for debian, and wanted to
 Adam> move his installed setup onto the new one. I have the old one
 Adam> mounted as root, and the new one mounted on '/mnt'. I have run
 Adam> mkfs on the new HD.
 Adam> I need to know how to copy the files from the old to the new,
 Adam> without having and links destroyed, and without entering the
 Adam> neverending loop with regards to '/mnt/mnt/mnt/...'. All
 Adam> attempts that I have done have resulted in files that links
 Adam> pointed being copies, instead of just making a link, and having
 Adam> '/mnt' copied recursively.
 Adam> Thanks ahead of time for your help.

'cp -a' will do it 
i.e do the folowing:

cd /
cp -a boot bin sbin usr dev etc home lib root sbin usr var mnt/
mkdir /mnt/proc
mkdir /mnt/tmp 

hope that helps


P.S Don't try to cp /proc just create it in /mnt

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