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non frees on CD

Hi ,

recently i installed a Debian-Linux from the Sep. 96
Infomagic Dev. Resource on my computer at home.

i also like to install the non-free packages, which are
NOT included on the CD.

I got at least a part of the non-free package via ftp
at my office, transfered the files to my  home 
using a zip-drive and put  them onto my hard drive.
However, using 'deselect' i cannot use *different* 
source media during *one* deselect session. I.e. 
i cannot say look for 'buzz' on CD and for 'non-free'
on my hard drive /zip drive.

ppp/ftp connection to my home computer is no alternative 
for me ( low transmission rate, high phone bills).

any suggestions ?

Thomas Degner, Dept. of Physics, Sec. Energy and Semiconductor Research 
P.O. Box 2503, D-26111 Oldenburg
phone: ++49-441-798-3007 (fax:3326)   email tomd@ehf.uni-oldenburg.de

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