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Re: Xbase Installation Problems


> I think I found the cpp package but haven't been able to locate the
> elf-x11r6lib package.  Can anyone clue me on on where it might be found
> exactly?  I've already taken a look around the Debian.org site but didn't
> find it.

The Package is called xlib. Why dont you simply use dselect with the ftp
method for that? It will prompt you for all the dependencies.

> I also looked in the XFree86 web site and was wondering if the binaries
> listed there for their 3.2 version would work with the Debian system.

You may be able to replace some installed Programs (like the X-Server) with
new 3.2 binaries. But if you arent experienced with X11
Administration/Installation youshould not do that.

> Can
> anyone tell me if this will work as the alternative?  Do you still use dpkg
> or dselect to get it installed?

No. You will need to copy those files by hand. This will probably produce a
broken setup and dpkg will be unable to upgrade. Simply wait a few days if
youneed 3.2, and it will be available as a debian package. But if youonly
want to get it work, thaen just install the xlib with deselect.


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