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Xbase Installation Problems

Hi All!

I've finally got my basic Debian 1.1 system installed (many thanks to those
who gave me some hints when I got stuck) and was trying to install X Windows
on it.

Downloaded the xbase-3.deb file and got it onto my system.  When I ran the
dpkg program I got the response that I needed both the elf-x11r6lib package
and the cpp package first.  

I think I found the cpp package but haven't been able to locate the
elf-x11r6lib package.  Can anyone clue me on on where it might be found
exactly?  I've already taken a look around the Debian.org site but didn't
find it.

I also looked in the XFree86 web site and was wondering if the binaries
listed there for their 3.2 version would work with the Debian system.  Can
anyone tell me if this will work as the alternative?  Do you still use dpkg
or dselect to get it installed?

Thanks in advance!


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