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Re: Networking woes (Detailed & Long)

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Walter L. Preuninger II wrote:

> When I am not connected to the internet using ppp (
> route will hang right after the localnet line. If I am connected to the
> net, or if named is not running, route does its job and gets out of the
> way. I do replace my default route when ppp comes up.
> Question 1
>    I think that is indicates a dns problem, but why? is a
> local address.

just wait. i'll bet that it's not actually hanging, it's just waiting
for the name server to respond with an answer...eventually it will time

some questions for you to think about:

are you primary or secondary nameserver for 164.233.199.in-addr.arpa?
alternatively is there a local primary or secondary for that zone?

is localhost (or the first nameserver entry in

who is the forwarder specified in /var/named/boot.options?  your ISP?

when you run the 'route' or 'netstat -r' command, it tries to resolve a
name for the host/network address, unless you specify the '-n' numbers

> Question 2
>    Why does show up in the route output. I have an
> /etc/networks file that looks like:
> localnet
> loannet
> localhost
> I really expected to see loannet in the route output. This happens any
> time, ie if I am connected by ppp or not, named running or not.

i've seen the same thing on my system.  i think the /etc/networks file
doesn't work for subnets.  

try putting an entry in /etc/hosts instead:  loannet         

alternatively, if you are running the primary nameserver for
164.233.199.in-addr.arpa then you can put the entry into the DNS.


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