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Re: pine and MIME

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Heiko R. Selber wrote:

> > > It seems that PINE likes to reply to a message using the QUOTED-PRINTABLE
> > > encoding whenever it sees strange characters in the message I'm replying
> > > to. Can I prevent this behaviour? I'd like to send out plain ASCII files,
> > > without things like =E20=E20.
> > Pine doesn't seem to do this for me. You may have something configured for
> > this. If you can send me your .pinerc file I will try to figure out what's
> > up.
> AFAIK, pine uses the QUOTED-PRINTABLE encoding whenever the message 
> itself contains non-ascii characters. And that is good, because it's the 
> standard. You can't send 8-bit (weird) characters over (possible) 7-bit 
> nodes.
> If that annoys you, simply remove the weird characters before sending the
> mail and it should be ok.

Yes, but if somebody sends me a message with an e grave, I could overlook
the single character when quoting it, and pine will send the message as
quoted printable.  QP is ugly for a reader which is not MIME compliant.
Is there a way to convert the incoming messages into 7 bit characters?

PS: it is a pity that only the DOS version of pine supports colors.

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