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Travan Tape Drive Problems

Ok, i need to back up that 9GB disk drive. My system has an Eagle(Exabyte)
tape drive. The cartridge has TR3 on it. 95 seems to save files to a tape.
I can retension the tape by mt -f/dev/ftape retenstion, but when I try to
erase or save something to the tape, I get:
	mt: /dev/ftape: I/O error

The system is a P166, 2ide drives, 1 cdrom, 1 cdr, aha2940, 9GB seagate
scsi disk drive, 600MB maxtor scsi drive, #9 video, 4 pci slots and 3 isa.
The fdc is an 82077(?)
The drive came with a card, but I did not have enough slots for it.

Yes, I have read the howto, and looked in the kernel source (2.0.24), and
did not see anything relating to GAT in the setup. The bios is award flash
bios, dated 8/7/96 (or somewhere close)

Everything but the kernel came from The infomagic august 96.

Thanks for listen to me ramble,

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walterp@rapidramp.com                  <http://walterp.rapidramp.com>

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