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talking RS232

I have 2 questions.  I have looked in manual and info pages but cannot
seem to find the answers.

1.  Is there a simple program to talk transparently to my RS232 port.
(COM 1) for example.  I am not putting a modem there.  I just want my
Debian box to act as an RS232 terminal for another computer.  I was
looking for something like 'tip' which preferrably could be run under

2.  I have noticed that my xterm converts both '^J' and '^M' into
newlines.  I am running seyon to solve problem 1. (above) and I need
to create both '^J' and '^M' output on the RS232 line.  Since seyon
uses xterm I can't create them both unless I go into the control menu
and change the newline translating in between.  Emacs, on the other
hand, can distinguish between these two characters.

If anyone can help me with either of these problems I would be very


Nathan Salwen
(413) 256-6463

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