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Re: Keyboard mess

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Pedro I. Sanchez wrote:

> I am using the latest version of Debian (brand new system installed
> yesterday). Is there something to be done to properly set up X?

I found that Debian/XFree86/whoever by default maps both the BS and Del
keys to <Delete>, which is irritating with Netscape and when logging in on
other computers.
Netscape's problems are partially solved by overriding the <Delete> key
function to <Backspace> in /etc/X11/Xresources.. however, still sending a
<Delete> when I want <Backspace> to go over the line...

In my /etc/X11/Xmodmap, I have: (last two lines are new)

! /etc/X11/Xmodmap
! This is the global Xmodmap file.  It is used by both xdm and xinit.

keycode 107 = 0xffff
keycode 22 = 0xff08

Thanks to the dosemu Makefile for those.
I also commented out the <Key>osfDelete: delete-previous-character()
overrides in /etc/X11/Xresources.

This makes Backspace insert ^H and Delete ^? - only caveat is that now,
just as I was used to do when sitting behind a Sun, I have to hit Delete
if I make a typo in a search in more (/ key) instead of Backspace - but
Netscape works, and Pine too... (using compose-maps-delete-key-to-ctrl-d
or something)

I hope this helps,


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