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Keyboard mess


I have problems with backspace, delete, and function keys and others under
X windows.

1. Under rxvt, the shell prompt (bash) doesn't understand any of them (I
get the character ~ and a beep for the backspace and delete keys. Under
ae, that simple editor, F10 works but Shift-F10 gives ^[[34$, the arrow
keys don't work neither!) 

2. Under xterm at least I can use backspace at the shell prompt (why is
this different from the rxvt?), but ae under xterm is almost the same as
befor (but I get ^? for the backspace instead). 

3. All keys work well under the console (non-X)!.

I am using the latest version of Debian (brand new system installed
yesterday). Is there something to be done to properly set up X?

Thanks for your help,

Pedro Ivan

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