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Re: Upgrade/downgrade cycles

On 2 Nov 1996, Tony Robinson wrote:

> Can someone tell me why dselect (via NFS) does things like this:

[dselect installs the same packages over and over]

I had exactly the same problem with Debian-1.1.13.

I.E. I had the same behaviour but with with entirely different packages, 
so it's not the packages' fault.

My guess is that probably the download via NFS is to blame. (I downloaded
the distribution via NFS and then installed from a mounted HD.)

Maybe these packages were corrupted during transfer? Is there any way to
check that? I remember there was a file called
'.the_mirror_is_being_maintained' or so in the remote host's directory.
Does that mean something? 

It's certainly annoying, especially because I had to abort the
installation right in the middle of the 4th or so cycle via ^C. And now
I'm not quite sure whether I should trust the consistency of the system. 

Does dselect exit gracefully when killed with SIGINT?

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