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Re: Newbie CD ROM question

Thanks for your input to my cdrom problems. I guess i have to find and read
FAQ's, How-to's etc.

In the meantime, I know that my undetectable cdrom is an IDE (EIDE), I
don't know the model but it is apparently a Teac 4x (it came prepackaged in
the Diamond 7000 cd rom kit). This cdrom is hooked to the secondary
interface on my IDE controller since the primary interface is occupied by
two hard drives, 2.1 gb and 540 mb units.

The sound card IDE interface is unused. The audio cable from the cdrom is
hooked up to the sound blaster compatible sound card though. My cpu is a
486 dx2 80 with 24 mb RAM. I assembled this computer at home.

I am currently running Windows95 with the usual hiccups - nothing major. My
cdrom and sound card works fine in W95. With quake, I have no music
(thought that might help).

I think I will attempt a debian installation. Installing by FTP is great!
Oh well, i have a 14.4 modem (no net games).

Thanks all.

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