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Running Debian

Some things that I have noticed since installing Debian 1.1 that I thought
I would share. These are some things that caused me some problems. I have
worked many of them through, some of them I have not.

Compress is really gzip. This REALLY hosed my newsfeeds. A lot of news
started bouncing from my feed sites and it took an allnighter on a worknight
to figure out that my feed sites were getting gzip compressed news when they
should have been getting .Z style compressed batches.

Suck does not think that c-news + nntpd is a viable news transport system.
Every time I run dselect now it wants to remove c-news and install inn just
because I have suck installed. 

The cnews that Debian installs can not seem to find the programs in 
/usr/lib/news/ctl. I wake up to messages every morning that it could not find
the newgroup or rmgoup command.

dselect REALLY needs a facelift. I hate two things in particular. It will not
downgrade a package and it "preselects" a bunch of stuff for me that I might
not want to download. I think that is shouls ALWAYS default to all packages
in the "hold" mode regardless of what its state was the last time you used it
and you should be able to tell it to downgrade a version of something. I had
a HECK of a time when I "upgraded" libc and it broke a bunch of stuff.

One of these days I will write a version of dselect in tcl/tk that will use
colors to denote the state of different packages and be just plain nicer.

In general my debian 1.1 has been very nice. I managed to migrate from
Slackware without even killing the news spool. Thanks folks!

George Bonser

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