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Re: Question??

 > > > From: Martin Stromberg <Martin.Stromberg@lu.erisoft.se>:

 > > > What do I need to consider when copying "/" to another partition? 
 > > > Reason I ask is I would like to put it in partition which had dos. 

I should mention that a linux installation wants to be aware of fdisk 
issues (in both ms-dos and under Linux) including the mbr and partition 
table, before working with unix commands on its filesystems.

Since its entire physical /dev/hda will be available for new partitioning 
at some juncture, I suggest splitting that bare /hda into at least 3 

/dev/hda1 -- a smallish ms-dos partition, with LOADLIN.EXE and a linux 
kernel (which, if small enough, can still be subsequently ignored as to 
it's entire existence, booting instead from the mbr straight into linux 
via Lilo, if required -- but adding functionality by having it there,
when and if needed).

/dev/hda2 -- a 2 megabyte "rescue" root filesystem with at least enough 
linux to run e2fsck on an unmounted root filesystem

/dev/hda3 -- the bulk of its new root filesystem

Optionally, I'd also think about adding at least a gestural swap 
partition (/dev/hda4) in case one of his other drives suddenly fails -- 
it's a wonderful option when the time arises, to have the partitions 
already available.  It can be taken a step further -- allocate the 
designated `swap' partition as a (temporary) ext2 filesystem -- say, 
to store gratuitous ftp downloads during normal system operation -- and 
have it available (as a right-sized partition) to be converted into a 
swap partition, if and when emergency strikes.

`fdisk' is one tool I've used to make this conversion on an installed 
Debian system.  There are probably other methods.

Christopher W. Hafey
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