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Re: xinitrc, X11, and cpp/GLUT

In <D4B2E431BEC@wtm-server.wtm.tudelft.nl>, Fulko van Westrenen <fulko@wtm.tudelft.nl> writes:
>I have some problems with my Debian system, and I think it is easiest 
>to ask it all at once. I hope someone can help me.
>	For one or another strange reason initx fails to read ~/.xinitrc Does 
>anyone know what the reason can be? All configurations look normal to 
>me. My .fvwmrc is read without any problem. /etc/X11/config looks 
>good to me. Do I need to check any other file?

I had the same problem with ~/.xsession. chmod it as executable.

>        Another problem is that I fail to set the background color 
>for X. xrootcoIor -solid "SteelBlue" (I hape I didn't make a typo here, I'm 
>not at my machine) doesn't do anything. Is there a special place in fvwmrc for 
>this, or should it be in xinitrc (but that was the first problem)?

Hmmm I duuno about this. I used xsetbg in ~/.xsession and set a bitmap.
I'm using fvwm95 and I do remember seeing a line in there for a basic color.

This is what mine has as the default. It might work on plain fvwm.

# Set the default window colors. The syntax is:
#  DefaultColors winforecolor winbackcolor titleforecolor titlebackcolor
# where:
#  winbackcolor    is the background (border) color of all windows,
#                  including the menu windows 
#  winforecolor    is used for the menu text
#  titlebackcolor  is the background color used for title bars of 
#                  non selected windows
#  titleforecolor  is the color of the title text of non selected windows
DefaultColors   Black #c0c0c0 #c0c0c0 grey51

Hope I helped.....you're on your own with the other questions.


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