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Re: ethernet card

Karl Ferguson wrote:
] As for PCI versions - they're worth it, they
] speed up transfers accross the network dramatically (that is, if you have
] both cards being PCI).

Rick Macdonald <rickm@vsl.com> wrote:
] It seems to me that the ETHERNET-HOWTO goes out of it's way to prove
] that
] 16bit ISA ethernet cards can handle 10Mb ethernet just fine, and that
] doesn't buy you anything.

   There are lots of reasons for choosing PCI over ISA...

   In my experience, the throughput of a good 16-bit ISA card is
approximately equivalent to that of a PCI card.  However, the CPU
overhead of network transfers using a good ISA card is much higher than
that of good PCI cards.

   Your next machine will probably have a PCI bus, but it might not have
an ISA bus.

   The total throughput of a good ISA bus is approximately 5 MB/s, if
memory serves, as compared to approximately 50 MB/s for even a mediocre
PCI.  If you sink 1 MB/s into network transfer (yeah yeah, it's only
about 700 or 900 KB/s, but let me make a point ok?), you would consume
20% of your ISA bandwidth, and only have 4 MB/s left over for things
like disk and video access.  On the other hand, on a PCI bus you can
sink 1 MB/s to the net and still have LOTS of room for disk, video, etc.

   About the only advantage of ISA over PCI that i can see is it's
slightly cheaper and more old machines support it.

   As a side note, i have had very good luck with 3com products.  I
heartily recommend them to anyone shopping for network stuff.

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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