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Re: ethernet card

> >What I wonder is, is there any reason to buy a PCI card (speedwise) if I
> >go for the NE2000 compatible one? 
> As for PCI versions - they're worth it, they
> speed up transfers accross the network dramatically (that is, if you have
> both cards being PCI).

From: Rick Macdonald <rickm@vsl.com>
> It seems to me that the ETHERNET-HOWTO goes out of it's way to prove that
> 16bit ISA ethernet cards can handle 10Mb ethernet just fine, and that
> PCI doesn't buy you anything.

An NE2000 is a programmed-IO card, isn't it? While you are transferring
data to and from one, your system isn't processing.

You might consider a 100MBPS/10MBPS card that is a PCI bus-master.


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