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Re: HELP..CGI Scripts and Perl!!

> What I get is a Error 500 cannot execute counter.pl...

make sure that your script is executable and readable by the web

  % chmod a+rx counter.pl

then, try running counter.pl from the shell:

  % ./counter.pl
it won't `work' in the sense of doing the same thing that it would do
if served up by an http server, but at least you'll be able to see
whether perl is complaining about syntax errors.

finally, start a `tail -f' on the error log file that is generated by
the http server (this example may be wrong for you; depends on where
your log files are):

  % tail -f /var/log/apache/errlog

this will show you any errors that the perl interpreter is having
while running the script.  this is a great (well, better) way to debug
cgi scripts.


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