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Re: [Question] Debian 1.1 Installation

On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Vaibhav Goel wrote:

> Hello;
> I am interested in installing Debian on a 486 machine.  This machine does
> not have a CDROM drive so I will have to download the whole package and
> install it from floppies/ftp.  Here is my situation;  I will be connecting
> the 486 on Ethernet to an NT box.  I would like download all the packages
> that I need on to that NT box and ftp those packages to the Linux Debian
> machine.  Basically, I would like to install the Debian base installation
> using a minimum floppies.  So my question is;  What exactly do I need
> besdies the 3 base disks, 1 boot disk and 1 root disk to get the Debian
> machine talking to the NT machine using FTP.

All you need to access the NT machine is the base diskettes. 
I normally do NFS, but I'm 99% sure that FTP will work too.

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