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Re: Fixed! (Re: mgetty isn't answering the phone (ioctl problem))

> Also, the person who suggested that I use mgetty seemed to think I was
> kiiky for wanting to use uugetty. Well, if he's listening, I'd like to add
> that, under mgetty, I *still* can't dial out on the modem that mgetty is
> sitting on. The whole reason I wanted to use uugetty was that it supposedly
> allowed for dial-in and dial-out without having to do the "inittab
> shuffle".

I've found mgetty to work much better for us than uugetty; but as for
your claim, no, you _can_ dial in and out with either package.

Email me directly and I'll help fix your mgetty (and ppp, probably)
woes; having made every mistake in the book (including your 'ata
toggles the line' trouble), I expect I can get yours working.  No need
to fill the list with it (but I did want to correct your uugetty > mgetty 


Pete Harlan

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